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Sexy lingerie: Playing significant role in the love life of couples

The significance of designer lingerie among the women is increasing considerably. This is becoming euphoria more or less with time. Previously we used to see the promotion of sexy designer lingerie on television or fashion shows. But these very items have entered the room of the normal people these days. Normal house wives now want to flaunt themselves with sexy lingerie. And if not that because of the sheer comfort of wearing such comfortable and relaxing, lingerie items, women prefer to buy them. Lingerie manufacturers are also well aware about these facts and this is why they are coming up with newer trends and designs of lingerie.


Sexy lingerie: The coolest way of looking hot inside


Keeping the trend in mind, the Ireland lingerie companies are coming up with newer tactics of promoting their items to the people. We know that physical promotion is much effective than the online promotion, it attracts people directly and much intensely. And the best part is your brand doesn’t sink in the crowd of other promotional events. And the companies are exactly following the same tactics. A few days back in the launch of a new product of a lingerie brand, they set a model dressed up with that particular lingerie item in the market. And that model was seeking the suggestion of the people for her boyfriend’s new gift. People were extremely happy to experience such a new and pleasant way of promotions.


You can enjoy the video right here:



What does this indicate?


This indicates the popularity of lingerie items among the normal people and also the efforts put in by the lingerie brands to make their products popular among the mass. They are trying the same because they know this is the trend of the town. Sexy lingerie items are comfortable to wear, it looks good and most importantly, it makes women look good, gorgeous and sexy. This helps the women to make their dreams come true of looking sexy and attractive to their men. Not only at the time of love making, sexy lingerie items can be worn at any time and for any purpose.


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Be a sexy and glamorous woman by wearing beautiful jewellery

Have you ever seen a woman without jewellery? I think your answer is NO because; every woman loves to put on various types of accessories. And we cannot think of woman without them. Even we can say that from the very ancient ages, women have been passionate about jewellery. But along with changing time the choice and taste of women has changed largely and this has brought dramatic changes in the design and materials of those accessories too. Today online is the biggest source of purchasing fashionable ornaments and many women in these days purchase their preferred accessories from a number of large stores through the internet.

All-for-beauty is one of the leading online shops in Europe that deals with all types of sensuous women products. This shop has vast collection of exclusively designed excellent accessories. And I am sure that after wearing these ornaments, every woman looks sexy and gorgeous. Let’s have a quick glance on what the store has to offer:

  1. Crystal Earrings:  Crystal Earring is one type of jewellery that shines and provides gorgeous look with any outfit. These kinds of earrings express your class and style with other people. There are various designs of crystal earring available in the collection of this online shop such as, stars shape, round shape etc. All these shapes of crystal earrings provide you a unique look.

A sexy star shaped crystal made earrings

  1. Foot Bracelet: Foot bracelet is a type of crystal bracelet that we wear on our foot. These kinds of bracelets provide a sexy and eye-catching looks to our foot. This foot bracelet is also available in numerous beautiful designs in the stock of All-for-beauty.
  1. Hand Bracelet: A crystal made hand bracelet can multiply the elegance of your hand manifolds. This bracelet allows you to move anywhere with your style and sexy image.
  1. Crystal necklace: A shiny, sparkling necklace catches the glance of many people on your neck. You can wear this kind of crystal necklace in many occasions like birthday party, wedding party, in a romantic dating with your boyfriend etc. In every occasion these necklaces provide a glamorous looks to you.


  1. Crystal Belt: Crystal belt is the symbol of a beautiful and sexy lady. Most of the women in this modern generation use this kind of belt for increasing the elegance of their slim waist.
  1. Waist chain: These kinds of crystal made chains also provide a sexy and exclusive looks to your waist. There are various designs of waist chains available at this online shop such as 4 hearts, crystal hearts etc.
  1. Jaime: Jaime is the ultimate fashionable accessory for the women and it would certainly provide a gorgeous and sexy looks to the women. Jaime is the kind of crystal made ornament that is the set of bra and panty. And women can wear it as a substitute of their bra and panties.

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Age shouldn’t be a justifying fact for women beauty

Is there any age-limitation in the world of fashion or do you consider there should be any? Well, this question puts the managing committee of Miss Ireland competition under pressure when the winner was bound to hand over the crown to the runner up contestant. The reason shown was that the winner was too old to be crowned! Do you consider the reason is genuine enough to take such an action? Isn’t it pointing a finger to the beauty and eligibility of women after a certain age?


This reflects that the organizers need to be more careful about the selection process so that such incidents can be avoided. The organizers of Miss Ireland have promised better terms and conditions from the next year so that they can avoid such mishaps and the dignity and respect of the show is maintained. However, we will surely look forward to this particular event of the coming years. Now, let’s turn our focus to the modern fashion and designer clothes.


designer lingerie


Whenever it is about fashion, women’s clothing gets the foremost priority because that has lots more variety to offer to the world. We will talk about the recent trend in women’s undergarments. These dress materials have crossed over a long distance and a massive change can be witnessed in this aspect. So many attractive and sexy undergarments have now occupied the market and the modern women find these materials really attractive and alluring. These are the perfect means to exhibit the feminine side of women.


Flaunt your curves with a sexy corset


The range of sexy women underwear is really massive. You will get a large assortment of this dress material that includes; lingerie, bridal lingerie,babydoll, chemises, swimwear, club wear, bodystocking, garters and teddies etc. The stimulating capabilities of these undergarments are vastly appreciated both by men and women. There are so many attractive designs that are revealing enough and truly that make the women curves come alive. Color plays an important role for these undergarments. Dark and vibrant colors have more appealing power than the other available colors. The demand of such sexy lingerie and bikinis are sky-high in almost all the countries in the world. You will get to witness a spectacular demand of this product in Ireland and that’s why plenty of online organizations have made themselves associated with supplying these products.


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Live the dream of becoming the Miss University with Allforbeauty apparel

The time comes every year and this year too the stage was set to welcome the most beautiful and best looking student in Ireland. The night is named as Miss University. The occasion takes place in every year and we find the best looking student in the entire country. It’s a great achievement indeed and so many abilities are tested among the students. For some obvious reasons, the fashion sense of all the contestants are checked by prominent persons from the same field.


Miss University contestants posing in Bikini


The RED CARPET was rolled out in the month of April to welcome the college beauties, from different parts of the country. The numbers of participants were huge as the event has enough popularity among the students. Finally, 32 were finalized by the experts who were to face off with each other. The crown holder of the previous year Gemma Fowler was present there to handover the crown to the new winner and of course, all the eyes were staring on her.


Gemma Fowler in Bikini


The annual event took place at the popular venue of the Dublin City Center, Dandelion. All the models (the students are presumed as) appeared on the stage for three times in different outfits in order to exhibit the versatility of carrying different types of clothing. On the very first round, the girls appeared in their preferred club wear. After that, it was time to flaunt the curves with sexy and alluring bikinis. This is such women underwear that is vastly appreciated when worn with nothing. Undoubtedly, all the contestants were looking superb in their outfits. Finally, they arrived on the stage with formal dresses. Among the 32 competitors, only 8 were selected by the judges to face off on the question answer round.



All the clothing items that were modeled by the participants are capable of exhibiting the feminine side of women very well. If you are under the impression that those clothes are not easily available for the common person then you should think twice. Allforbeauty has a vast collection of all types of designer and sexy women underwear. You will find the best quality products at our store. Now you can also flaunt your body curves just like the models do with any of our products. We take the pride to convey that all our designer women underwear is manufactured by the renowned manufacturers of Europe. To put it simply, we are the best online destination to buy quality woman’s underwear products at reasonable price.

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Edele Lynch flaunts her assets with Britney Spears’ Lingerie line up


The passion for designer lingerie among the women is nothing new. Even the celebrities often promote designer lingerie in their photo shots. And the recent addition in this segment is the famous Irish celebrity Edele Lynch. She has recently spotted to give poses for the famous Britney Spears’ new Change Lingerie line. In fact Edele is the first Irish woman to sport the look. “It’s great that people can see that this is not just another product in a series of flat products to be sold by celebrities, but that actually these are just beautiful bras with a great fit, that just happen to have input from Britney Spears in their design,” says Edele.


The weakness to fashionable and sexy lingerie of women is an old affair. If we look at the history, there are many celebrities who have earlier expressed their passion and love for sexy lingerie. With time the design, the material used has changed but the craze for sexy underwear has not faded away from the mind of women. In fact, this craze has now spread among the normal women as well. Previously we have seen that only the celebrities talk about such clothing or wear such lingerie but presently, according to the statistics, a large percentage of women who have no connection with the glamour world prefer wearing sexy lingerie. The credit largely goes to the online lingerie suppliers.


Bodystocking – The ideal lingerie for seducing your man


However, presently we have a wide range of sexy lingerie items available for the women. Each and every item has their different significance. But if we have to go by the opinion of the majority, Bodystocking is the most preferred sexy clothing that is massively preferred by the women all over the world. The appeal, the design, the mystery that a bodystocking can provide is unmatched. According to the women, this is the best option to seduce their partner. It is made of see-through material and the best part is it gives bounce to the body assets. There are different designs available in the market and women can choose any of their preferred design. Different vibrant and dark colors are also available.


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Fashionable apparel for every type of women body getting thumbs up by the mass

We people are very much accustomed with seeing skinny models showcasing attractive and stylish fashion apparel and if you have grown a belief that lingerie and skinny models are a perfect “marriage” then you need to rethink! You got to give a look at the plus-size runway show that was staged during London Fashion Week and this will change your perception for sure.


As we all know that “Lingerie is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are the women who wear it, whether on or off the runway.” So if size really does matter then plus size women should have their plus-sized lingerie, according to the latest lingerie and women’s fashion. More so, the fabulous appreciation from everyone has encouraged and stirred all the eminent brands to think on it sincerely and make the plus-size women look really sensuous in a perfect undergarment.


Previously, there was a controversy regarding the latest “ad slogan” unveiled by Victoria’s Secret in its latest ad campaign which titled “The Perfect Body” with three super skinny angles in the image. This in turn sparked a mass indignation with the lobbyists arguing on the fact tall and skinny bodies are being exhibited as the perfect one and this is actually sending a dangerous message to the nation. And truly, this goes extremely against the women with plus-sized curves. And considering the fact that this may hurt the feeling of those women with extra curvaceous figure, the ad slogan has now been changed into “A Body for Every Body.” A previous employee from VS has also raised her voice and agreed to the fact by saying, “society needs to change the way they view a women’s appearance.” This all in a way are providing and increasing the awareness about women fashion which is a positive outcome out of all these.


Gorgeousness of women is revealed with sexy lingerie


Flicking through the comment made by Andree Ciccarelli, one of the proficient designers of London Fashion Week would be very significant here in this place, “every model that I have ever worked with has a realistic body image, and I think it is so important, especially to the brand,” and Andree also added that “The industry is finally starting to change, but for the longest time, every model in every ad and photo had a body type that’s unattainable and unrealistic. From the beginning, I made a promise to myself to work with real women and to accentuate the figures they have, and I have kept to it. The feedback from customers has been phenomenal.” (Source:


There is no denying to the fact that most of the eminent fashion brands primly concentrate on the lean physique model and design the attire after keeping them in mind as well, but things and thoughts seem to be changing the direction. Lingerie is to provide comfort to the women body and it apparently does but, no meaning in sticking with a particular concept or particular shape of a woman body (to be more precise) is not what we expect from the fashion world. It’s a liberal attempt to showcase the gorgeous and sensuous side of the women and this is why the designer women undergarments are so famous and appreciated in all the different corners of the world. In order to raise popularity and liberality, a number of celebrities are promoting these dress materials and in this aspect, United Kingdom has really marked its exceptional presence into the entire world. Most of the world’s renowned brands are from this country and you can consider the fact like; the country is on the driving position right now to make you decide what can be hot, sizzling and exciting for you.


Starting from actors, to athletes, musicians, sports persons, everyone has really appreciated the opportunity to get associated with any fashion brand in order to raise awareness about fashion. When it comes to women fashion, the list of celebrities goes on and on. The newest addition in this list is Halle Berry. She has lined up her brand new collection of lingerie for women with every size and that’s going to start up with the price range of just $7. Another very common and famous name in the women fashion world is Britney Spears. She launched “The Ultimate Britney Spears Collection” by partnering with the brand CHANGE earlier this year. Meanwhile, if we take our glance to the men fashion world, a glorious presence of David Beckham can be evidenced after he partnered with H&M for his body wear line, back in the year 2011.


Women appearance gets exciting with sexy undergarments


So, it can easily be understood that so many designer companies and personalities as well, are thinking about how to make women appear beautifully by providing extreme comfort. The concept of wearing women underwear has been raised up above of the primary concept of showcasing elegance and dignity. Now it is about looking beautiful and also about revealing the sensuous side of the women. This is the reason why different types of lingerie are there to suit any of the occasions. Bridal lingerie, swimwear, bra-top-set, body stockings are to name a few. These items will surely fit for different purposes. Though this would be too early to comment on that but, among all the other countries, Ireland seems to be occupying a respectable position in the world of fashion. A number of brands and stores are there that are maintaining a leading position in supplying sexy women undergarments in different countries in the UK.


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It’s not the size, but the way you reveal your plus-size curves makes them spectacular

Are you concerned about your extra sized curves and not comfortable to show them off even to your man? Well, you shouldn’t be because now you have got all the good reasons to exhibit your plus-size curves in an elegant way!!


We people possess a misconception that only beautifully figured women can look good in designer sexy dresses, and the reason behind having such a misconception is that, probably we haven’t yet seen a plus-size woman in the perfect sexy attire. Such dresses can be equally revealing and exciting for both types of women (who own striking physique and who own comparatively bulky physique). If you are eyeing on a splendid show off of your assets that would certainly turn your man on then it makes enough senses to sport plus-size sexy clothing. So now you should not be concerned about your measurements if those are getting higher on the digits.
Plus-size curves can look attractive with striking clothing
When we consider “getting intimate with our partners” as an important aspect of having a happy and romantically spiced up relationship, we should equally be enthusiast to reveal the bodily assets alluringly. Especially, being a woman, you should know what types of clothes will bring out the perfect sexy avatar of you irrespective of your sizes. For this reason, along with sexy designer attire, you should also consider putting on appealing and sensuous women underwear because that plays a significant role to expose your shapes in the right way. Trying the various types of lingerie would be an astounding selection for this purpose as those are equally revealing when you wear them underneath your clothes or even without any cloth.


All the different variants of lingerie showcase the curves and bums of a woman in such an attracting way that it gets hard for the men to take their eyes off. This is the reason why women from the entire world appreciated flaunting their curves with this sexy underwear. So many designs are available for different moods and moments. And it would be a definite pleasure for your eyes to see a plus size woman in these sexy outfits. Most of these clothes are made out of fine fabrics and comprise of skilled stitches with spectacular designing touch.


Plus size lingerie such as; babydolls, chemises, teddy, sleepwear etc. are massively admired by the curvaceous women in Europe and they are always keen to buy one to surprise their men. You will also find a tendency in men in the European countries (men from other countries also indulge in this) to buy this sexy women underwear as a gift for their women for a special occasion. This couldn’t have become so much appreciated by them unless shops like us was there.
Flaunt your plus-size curve with designer lingerie
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